Leadership Development Circles

Our Leadership Development Circles help leaders practice specific leadership behaviors to thrive working in a global business environment. By learning to shift their style with self-awareness and observation over time, leaders can positively affect global relationships benefiting project timelines, collaboration, and overall quality.

Who are the target participants?
• Senior Director and Director level leaders who want to continue their learning and development through practical applications

What are the key benefits?
• Identify, focus, and shift one or two high-leverage behaviors
• Share successful leadership practices
• Develop trust in a virtual environment
• Reduce isolation among leaders

What are the key components of Leadership Development Circles?
• Professional, not social dialogue
• Developmental, based on individual growth
• Voluntary
• Collaborative; rather than competitive
• Founded on trust

What are the participant roles?

Each leader provides three roles for the other as an idea partner, as a supportive observer, and accountability advocate.

What is the role of Kordovia's Leadership Coach?

Kordovia’s leadership coach facilitates the calls and provides guidance for participants to stay on track with their stated leadership behavioral goal. The target behavior is determined from an individual assessment and stakeholder surveys at the beginning of the Leadership Development Circles. The selected behavior to address is discussed with the participant and Kordovia’s leadership coach. Once the target behavior is selected, the leadership coach provides input on an individual action plan created to shift the behavior.

How do participant's measure results?

Improvement is measured by a select group of individual stakeholders. The stakeholders complete periodic mini-surveys that are short and focus only on the leadership behavioral goal that has been selected by the person being coached. The mini-surveys ask for positive suggestions on what a leader can do better in their chosen area of development.

The stakeholders evaluate behavior during the time being coached and share their perception of the individual’s improvement. When the follow-up is done consistently, a positive change is noticed by others and is sustainable over time.

• One 90-minute kick-off call
• 12, 60-minute group coaching calls over a 6 month group
• 1:1 partner calls between sessions
• 1:1 coaching call with global leadership coach
• Group size of 6 participants
• On-the-spot laser coaching and peer coaching

Related quotes:

“Being a part of a coaching group enabled me to make significant progress on my goal with the aid and advice of my peers.”
~ Tanya, Manager, Semiconductor Company  

“I really appreciated learning from others and knowing that I am not the only one struggling with these challenges.”
~ Dianne, Global Telecom Lead”

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